Past Year Papers

The DSE and ISI past years are the best guide to understand what the exam would be like. Before you start your preparation, it is best to glaze over the past years to get an idea of the exam and to form expectations about the type of questions which will be asked. In class after ending any particular chapter, we take up questions from that chapter in order to gauge the understanding of the topics. To anyone preparing on their own we recommend to do the same. Scroll down to download the past year papers.

ISI and DSE past year solutions are available to anyone who asks for it. Kindly use the link below to ping us on whatsapp to get access to the past year solutions to these economics entrance exams.

Now Appear for Past years like any Mock Test online.

Mobile App

We know that you have been working hard to get through to a prestigious Masters course in Economics, and as a token of appreciation for your hard work, we are introducing a free online test portal.

Using our portal, you can now appear for any past year test of ISI or DSE, ranging from 2004 to the latest available test. All you need to do is to follow the next few step to register yourself on our mobile app:

1. Install the app (Org Code “BJLJZ” for iOS app)
2. Register yourself with your “Full Name” and primary Gmail ID
3. Hit the chat option and ask us to add you to the Past Year’s batch
4. After being added to the batch, you can either appear for the test on the app or on a browser
5. To know how to appear for the test on browser, CLICK HERE.

DSE Past Year papers

Over the years, DSE entrance has become more focused on maths. We at Super 20 intend to give the edge to our students by teaching directly from the lecture notes of the faculty of DSE and solving the class tutorials and past year midsem and endsem exam papers. Learning from these sources gives you access to the mindset of the people responsible for the entrance exam questions. The latest tests have been added below.

ISI Past Year papers

ISI entrance exam has gone through some changes in the past years. Till 2016, the exam had an object Maths section (2 hours-30 quesion) followed by a subjective Economics section (2 hours – 8 question). In 2017 the exam pattern changed to incorporate both the parts to be objective only (2 hours and 30 questions each). However, starting 2019 ISI has reverted back to one objective and one subjective scenario albeit with a change. Now both parts shall comprise of Math and Economics. Dowload the ISI 2018 paper to know more about this latest pattern.

Mock test series

While the past years give you a good handle on the past, they give you not enough practice on the latest pattern. DSE and ISI exams have changed a lot in the recent past, from asking simple direct-from-the-text questions to difficult analytical stuff. To complete the preparation you need to get test yourself on the type of questions which are most likely to be asked according to the latest patters of these Economics Entrance Exams. Join our full fledged Mock test series with 5 papers on latest ISI pattern and 5 on latest DSE pattern.
Register using the below link or Contact us for more details.

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