The philosophy will be two fold. One, exclusive focus on problem solving to crack DSE entrance and the second, conceptual clarity which will be extremely helpful after clearing DSE entrance. DSE Super 20 will give an edge to its students by providing early exposure to teaching material and methods of DSE faculty.

Course Structure

The course structure and content is structured in such a way, that this will help DSE aspirants in not just cracking the entrance, but also gives them early exposure to teaching material and methods employed by DSE faculty. With a rigorous mathematical approach to economics, the students will come to understand and appreciate concepts from a vantage that is expected of DSE students. The teaching material is exhaustive and self contained.


The students can attend the first 2 lectures from each faculty, that is a minimum of 4
lectures in total, before choosing to decide. Each batch will have no more than 20 students,
and admission shall be given on a first-come-first-serve basis.