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7 selections in ISI MSQE 2021. 6 Selections in DSE 2021 New Modules for DSE MA & M.Sc Economics Entrance 2023 Starting on 15th May

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DSE Super20 Online Batch

Online lectures every weekend from June. Complete coverage of all syllabus starting from +2 maths.
Get access to video recordings and lecture notes as well.
A total of 180 hours of video lectures with 17 mock tests and past 15 years’ solutions of the entrance exams.

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Teaching Philosophy


Class interaction

Teaching in a way so as to engage the students more


Personal Attention

Smaller class size to focus on individual problems


Problem Solving

Greater focus on solving problems as a means to understand the concepts


Online Lectures

The important lectures will be available online for revision before exams




Hi guys,
I am Mayank. I will be your instructor for this course. A brief intro about me and DSE Super20.

I am a B.Tech grad from IIT Bombay who was introduced to the world of economics during my undergrad years. After graduation I appeared for the DSE exam and was lucky enough to scrape through in the second list.

DSE Super 20 was started in 2016 by me and a few friends in order to help other students for this exam. Since then, all of my friends have moved to different continents to pursue higher education, leaving me behind alone to continue this dream.

Since then, I have taken admission in the PhD course at ISI Delhi. I still continue to teach as over the years I have come to enjoy teaching too much to stop it completely. So even though we have restricted our operations to mostly just weekends now as I am the only one doing this now, I still make it a point to help each and every candidate in whatever capacity I can, even if he or she is not an enrolled student with the coaching.